Friday, June 15, 2018

How To Download Logic Waves Plug-ins Bundle Logic Pro X 10.4 [ Tutorials by Kameechi #3]

In this video KAMEECHI shows you how to download the logic waves plugin bundle in Logic Pro X 10.4. I move kind of fast through the video, so leave your comments if you are having trouble and I'll be sure to help. 

KAMEECHI is currently working on his EP his experience page is called we came down to his home in Maryland to watch KAMEECHI getting ready to record some new vocals.

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Transcript:  In this video I'm going to show you how to download your plugins . Go to Google and download uTorrent available for Mac or Windows. CLICK download then after you open uTorrent accept all the terms and then go to demonoid.PW. Create an account there, search for waves and plugins. Download the torrent file for this particular plug-in right here. The link is in the description. Next open the torrent file up in uTorrent and start downloading. Next you will need to download an unzip file. unrar X is the one that I recommend. Link is also in the description. It is a  free download unzip the files and then install Waves Central. the link is in the description. Create a new account, select your target directory, install. Next MOUNT the waves license engine patch, and copy the waves license engine file then press on waves Au reg utility 9 next open Logic Pro X and you should be able to see your newly installed plugins.

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